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Taste the spirit of snowdoniA
our story

The rich cultural heritage and complex ecosystems of Snowdonia are the inspiration behind the recipe of Eryri Snowdonia Gin.

This unique and modern gin spirit encompasses the diversity of flavours found right across the Snowdonia region and the flavours, which are themselves complex, are brought beautifully together by world class distillers to give you, what is quintessentially, the taste of Snowdonia.

The recipe: Juniper, Plum, Citrus and Oak

Botanicals were selected that have a natural home in Snowdonia and are also part of its recent rich history. The main gin ingredient, juniper, grows wild in the region. The plum is no stranger to Snowdonia either, with an annual plum festival held in the region in October. The most common tree in the Snowdonia National Park is the Welsh Oak, with Welsh legends and myths often referring to meetings in 'forests of oak’. Other complimentary flavours of spice and citrus make up the final recipe of Snowdonia Gin.

our distilling partner

In our search for real distilling expertise and a quality end spirit we found the perfect partner in the world class distilling team headed up by Derek Sharples at Quintessential Brands, pioneers of spirit creation since 1761.

The distillery guarantees sustainability at every level of production, batch by batch, from the quality and supply of ingredients to the final taste. In collaboration with their recipe lab they helped us bring this very special Snowdonia spirit to life and in 2017, after many months’ work, Snowdonia Gin became a reality.

our label
and the Snowdonia Gin story

The Snowdonia Gin label depicts a story of rich Welsh and Celtic cultural heritage: from the reference to Mount Snowdon in the name, to the silver Celtic bands and ‘Afanc’, the Welsh water monster, that legend has living in Llyn Glaslyn (The Blue Lake) in the shadow of Mount Snowdon.
The Snowdonia heritage statement in a bold red strapline around the bottle needs no explanation... BORN OUT OF FIRE, SCULPTED BY ICE, SHROUDED IN LEGEND.

On the reverse of the label and through the bottle you see the painting of Mount Snowdon, created by renowned environmentalist and landscape artist Alan Rankle, commissioned especially by the Snowdonia Spirit Company.

Snowdonia Gin release

On 1 March 2018 Snowdonia Gin was released. This premium quality gin spirit with a contemporary, interesting flavour that is the “taste of Snowdonia” is now available from great food and drink outlets, both regionally and nationally, for you to enjoy.

the future and sustainability

Snowdonia Gin is a celebration of the heritage of Snowdonia and we are passionate about protecting and conserving that heritage and all it offers for future generations.

Our goal, as a new small business, is to forge new partnerships with other local businesses, especially in retail, tourism and leisure, helping to improve sustainability within the local economy.

The Snowdonia Spirit team.

The Snowdonia Spirit Company Ltd registered in England and Wales.

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