Decanter Magazine recommends Bara Brith Gin

Today’s gin scene has never been more exciting as it is today and although the origin of the spirit is very much associated with England you only have to take a quick look at the shelves of any UK bar or drink store to see that gin is very much a British love affair and trade is booming!

Decanter magazine is considered to be the world’s #1 online wine and spirits publication and they know a thing or two about wines and spirits. Amy Wislocki, Print Publisher & Regional Editor, wrote a recent article ‘The best British Gins to try’ and recommended our Bara Brith Gin as one of the ‘Best British gins to try‘ and that is something we are very proud of and here is why.


Bara Brith is a traditional Welsh tea loaf and it’s recipe are often handed down through generations. Ingredients are Black tea, dried and candied fruit along with spices and ginger … a real flavoursome mix that very much lends it’s self to a spirit version and that is the botanical mix that goes into Bara Brith gin.

Lovingly distilled in the heart of Wales in our still named Afanc after the legendary Welsh water monster, Bara Brith gin offers you a very exciting taste experience that is new and unique, with a recipe that is a true celebration of Wales. We recommend a dry ginger ale mixer, although quality tonic waters pair wonderfully too and a garnish of orange peel .. just a twist !

The flavours dance on the palate and are a taste delight, something new and innovative and why experts like Decanter Magazine recommend as one of 8 new British Gins to try.

Flavour Innovation is driving the new ‘ginaissance ‘

Flavour innovation has lead to a huge variety of new gins on offer and it seems nothing is off limits and the demand is certainly there. Britain exported over £672 million worth of British gin in 2019, taking total sales at home and abroad to over £3.2 billion.

2019 spirit sales in the UK are now valued at over £11 billion – growing more than 10% on the previous year and it’s spirits and especially gin that is in demand.

Craft spirits are in demand from consumers who look for interesting recipes and botanicals along with the back stories of how a spirit came to market. Flavour innovation in the premium gin category is winning over the consumer, even the Queen has got in on the act, launching her Buckingham Palace Gin.

Flavoured spirits are now the go to choice and have really expanded in recent years. Consumers are looking for more variety, as well as authentic and unique flavours. Flavoured gin is making a big impact on sales and will continue to grow and show strong performance, still out performing vodka.

With five consecutive years of double digit growth gin is still the fastest growing category in total alcohol. Retailers are also reporting strong sales in tourist districts, where spirits that represent a local story selling through very strongly and gin leads in this category. Although traditionally Scotland leads in alcohol spirit production you only have to take a look at the new burgeoning Welsh Gin market and its success in tourist retail outlets, travellers seeking out that quintessential and unique taste of a place or region.

With the UK consumers purchasing over two thirds of the total European gin production it is clear that flavour innovation is the focus and there are no signs of the British consumers thirsts for gin being quenched anytime soon.


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