How to make the Perfect Bramble with our Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin

How to Make the Perfect Bramble

In the heart of Wales, where rugged landscapes meet the serene beauty of nature, our team at Snowdonia Spirit Co takes inspiration from the surrounding wilderness to craft spirits that truly capture the essence of the land. Our Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin is a labour of love, a celebration of romance, and an homage to the lush, untamed beauty of Wales. It’s here, in this article, that we delve into the intricacies of how to make the perfect Bramble cocktail, a drink as rich in flavour as it is in history, using our exquisite gin.

A Labour of Love, the Creation of Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin

At Snowdonia Spirit Co, we believe in the artistry of gin-making. Our Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin is a testament to this belief, blending 12 carefully selected botanicals including raspberry, blackcurrants, and strawberry with natural wild fruits and berries found in the Welsh countryside. This meticulous blend results in a gin that’s not only a celebration of love and romance but also a deliciously fruity expression perfect for crafting cocktails like the Bramble.

The inspiration behind our gin’s name, “Lovespoon,” stems from a centuries-old Welsh tradition where intricately carved wooden spoons were given as tokens of affection. Just as each lovespoon is unique, so too is our gin, crafted with passion and dedication to bring a piece of Welsh heritage into every sip.

The Bramble, a Cocktail of Beauty and Depth

The Bramble, a cocktail as captivating in appearance as it is in taste, finds its perfect match in our Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin. This refreshing and berry-licious concoction combines gin, crème de mûre (blackberry liqueur), lemon juice, and simple syrup, resulting in a drink that’s as gorgeous to look at as it is delightful to drink. Its rich purple hue, crowned with a crisp, clear layer of gin and ice, strikes a chord with gin aficionados who appreciate a touch of theatre in their beverages.

Make the perfect Bramble is an art form, one that we at Snowdonia Spirit Co relish. The cocktail’s layered complexity mirrors the multifaceted nature of our Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin, making each sip a journey through the lush landscapes of Wales.

how to make the perfect bramble

A Celebration of Welsh Nature

The natural wild fruits and berries that infuse our Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin reflect the untamed beauty of the Welsh countryside. This dedication to sourcing local, natural ingredients not only enhances the flavour profile of our gin but also supports the preservation of our surrounding environment.

Wales, a region famed for its breathtaking vistas and rich biodiversity, offers a bounty of wild fruits and berries that we are privileged to harness in our gin-making process. This commitment to local sourcing is more than a practice; it’s a celebration of Welsh nature and the bountiful gifts it offers.

How to Make the Perfect Bramble, A Recipe

Creating the perfect Bramble with Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin is an experience we’re eager to share. Here’s how to craft this exquisite cocktail:


50ml Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin
25ml lemon juice
12.5ml simple syrup
15ml crème de mûre
Crushed ice
Fresh blackberries and a slice of lemon, for garnish

Method, make the perfect Bramble

Fill a rocks glass with crushed ice.
Combine the Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup in a shaker with ice. Shake well.
Strain the mixture over the crushed ice in the glass.
Drizzle the crème de mûre over the top, allowing it to filter through the ice and create the signature two-tone effect.
Garnish with fresh blackberries and a slice of lemon.
This cocktail not only showcases the depth and fruitiness of our gin but also pays homage to the traditional and contemporary cocktail-making techniques that we hold dear.

The Snowdonia Spirit Co Ethos

At Snowdonia Spirit Co, our ethos is rooted in a deep respect for nature, a commitment to quality, and a passion for innovation. Our Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin embodies these values, offering a unique gin experience that’s both authentically Welsh and universally appealing.

Crafting this gin and sharing the joy of the Bramble cocktail is our way of inviting you into our world—a world where love, nature, and the art of distillation converge to create something truly special.

In Conclusion

The Bramble cocktail, featuring our Lovespoon Wild Fruit Gin, is more than just a drink; it’s a celebration of Welsh heritage, the natural beauty of Snowdonia and Wales, and the universal language of love. Each sip tells a story, a story of dedication, passion, and the joy of sharing a crafted gin that’s as unique as the land it comes from.

We invite you to raise a glass with us, to the wild beauty of Wales, to the art of gin-making, and to the moments of connection and celebration that make life truly enriching. ‘Iechyd da’, from all of us at Snowdonia Spirit Co.


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