The Independent: Another great recommendation!

The recent Independent review of the best gins to buy included Snowdonia Spirit Co’s one and only Welsh Dry Gin!

Based on the various gins’ lengths of finish and balance of botanicals, the article explores the newspaper’s favourites and clarifies that some are preferable for a gin and tonic, while others are made for that ‘king of cocktails’ a martini (according to legendary bartender Dale DeGroff). Meanwhile, all the recommendations are value for money and are memorable long after you finish your drink.

Our Welsh Dry Gin, complimented as ‘infinitely drinkable’, has been recommended as the base for your gin martinis, and we couldn’t agree more. Described as ‘smooth and fruity, with a creamy palate and a smooth finish’, our Welsh Dry Gin will create a silky, smooth martini, full of aromatic flavour. Furthermore, the gin’s dry finish provides that crisp tone you require in a martini.

welsh gin martini

Not only that, but we have been praised for our balance of botanicals. Our gin is created with subtle spicing, plum and lemon ribbon, enhancing that smooth zesty flavour essential for your martinis, and can be perfectly presented with a twist of lemon for garnish.

Meanwhile, if you’re not a martini drinker, we personally believe that our Welsh Dry Gin is one of those rare tipples that straddles the fence between martinis and gin and tonics! Deliciously refreshing with crisp tonic water and a slice of lemon, we disagree that most gins favour one drink over the other!

According to the Independent, our Welsh Dry Gin is a necessary addition to your liqueur cupboard! Take their advice and buy a bottle today!


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